David Michael Clarke is the visual artist at the heart of 'Post Gods'. He's the one who stumbled across the banal sign that hung above an anodyne entry. He's the one making the claim that this is 'art'. And he's the one refuting those who see (or rather hear) the project as 'music'.

'Human error' and 'sincere endeavour' are two themes central to his work, as he regularly cites the countless attempts that have gone by (witnessed or not) to surpass ourselves, to tread on thin ice, or to walk into unknown territory. That is to say, the attempts to go beyond what we know as our limits as a race, and/or what one might feel to be one's limits as an individual.

In life, this might be 'love'. Beyond life, this might be 'god'. In art, this might be 'purity'. In science, this might be something like 'anti-matter'. In evolution, as in creation, there are things that are certainly always destined to escape us. But this doesn't stop the search.

Marcel Duchamp claimed that he stopped painting because, the very process turned his ideas into mud. Through the acceptance of his human shortcomings, through the application of inappropriate methods to any given subject, David Michael Clarke has dedicated his life to a study of this mud.

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