Emmanuelle No.5 is the only musician in the group who is engaged with music on a full-time basis. But that is not to say that he is confined by his medium, collaborating as he often does, with visual artists, architects and designers [Didier Fuiza Faustino, Karl Lagerfeld, Made in Eric, to name but a few].

His musical career began in the 80s with the post-punk gothic line-up 'Les Tetines Noires', which later transmuted into the electro glam & roll, 'LTNo', a group that still pops its head up from time to time. However, today it is with Stéphane Hervé, as the disco-punk 'Dead Sexy Inc', that the ideas flow.

In 2004, the duo made an audio-visual road movie, as they swept across the states from Los Angeles to New York, in a trajectory that drez a dollar sign on the map. This off-beat documentary kicks off with interviews with the legendary film-maker Kenneth Anger and the philosopher Maurice G. Dantec. They traverse the wild lanscape, meeting all sorts of strangeness on the way, before finishing up my meeting Thurston Moore in the streets of New York on the eve of George W. Bush's second election victory.

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