The big pearl necklace

The big pearl necklace | 1 example | 8 metres | 2011

This large scale ceramic sculpture was produced for the groupe exhibition Ecoutez Voir at the contemporary art centre in Pontmain, France. This group show proposed relations between music and contemporary art through a selection of works belonging to various public and private collections. With poetry, sometimes humour and irony, the artists question musical culture, both art and industry, fashion and cultural identity. Through various media - video, photography, twisted objects, sound installations - the field of the visual arts plays (with) music.

In collaboration with the pottery, Bourg-Joly, I produced an eight metre long ceramic version of my necklace. Michel Dupuy (aka Dector Dupuy) worked on the lyrics and played with the idea of translation. On the opening night, a reduced line-up of Post Gods performed live, accoustic and unplugged.

Artists : Wilfrid Almendra, Vasco AraĆ¹jo, Delphine Lecamp, Christian Marclay, David Michael Clarke, Pierrick Sorin.

Produced by Bourg-Joly, Malicorne & Le centre d'art de Pontmain